February 16 All Events

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February 16th, 2006 (February 16 2006)EventThe last Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) is decommissioned by the United States Army.
February 16th, 2006 (February 16 2006)DeathJohnny Grunge, American professional wrestler (born in 1966)
February 16th, 2006 (February 16 2006)DeathErnie Stautner, German-born American football player (born in 1925)
February 16th, 2005 (February 16 2005)EventThe Kyoto Protocol comes into force, following its ratification by Russia.
February 16th, 2005 (February 16 2005)EventThe National Hockey League cancels the entire 2004-2005 regular season and playoffs, becoming the first major sports league in North America to do so over a labor dispute.
February 16th, 2005 (February 16 2005)DeathNicole DeHuff, American actress (pneumonia) (born in 1975)
February 16th, 2005 (February 16 2005)DeathQueen Narriman, second and last wife of King Farouk and mother of their only child King Fuad II
February 16th, 2004 (February 16 2004)DeathShirley Strickland, Australian athlete (born in 1925)
February 16th, 2004 (February 16 2004)DeathDoris Troy, American singer (born in 1937)
February 16th, 2003 (February 16 2003)DeathEleanor "Sis" Daley, wife of Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley (born in 1907)Richard J. Daley Quotes
February 16th, 2002 (February 16 2002)DeathWalter Winterbottom, England football manager (born in 1913)
February 16th, 2001 (February 16 2001)DeathBob Buhl, baseball player (born in 1928)
February 16th, 2001 (February 16 2001)DeathHoward W. Koch, American film director (born in 1916)
February 16th, 2001 (February 16 2001)DeathWilliam Masters, American gynecologist and sexologist (born in 1915)
February 16th, 2000 (February 16 2000)DeathMarceline Day, American actress (born in 1908)
February 16th, 2000 (February 16 2000)DeathKarsten Solheim, Norwegian-born engineer and inventor (born in 1911)
February 16th, 2000 (February 16 2000)DeathLila Kedrova, Russian-born actress (born in 1918)
February 16th, 1999 (February 16 1999)EventIn Uzbekistan, a bomb explodes and gunfire is heard at the government headquarters in an apparent assassination attempt against President Islom Karimov.
February 16th, 1999 (February 16 1999)EventAcross Europe, Kurdish rebels take over embassies and hold hostages after Turkey arrested one of their rebel leaders, Abdullah Ocalan.
February 16th, 1999 (February 16 1999)DeathMichael Larson, Press Your Luck Big-winning contestant (born in 1949)
February 16th, 1997 (February 16 1997)DeathChien-Shiung Wu, Chinese-American physicist (born in 1912)
February 16th, 1996 (February 16 1996)DeathRoger Bowen, American actor (born in 1932)
February 16th, 1996 (February 16 1996)DeathEdmund G. Brown, Governor of California (born in 1905)
February 16th, 1996 (February 16 1996)DeathBrownie McGhee, American singer (born in 1915)
February 16th, 1993 (February 16 1993)EventWestern Australia s and Australia s first woman Premier, Carmen Lawrence, is voted out of office.
February 16th, 1992 (February 16 1992)DeathAngela Carter, English writer (born in 1940)Angela Carter Quotes
February 16th, 1992 (February 16 1992)DeathJanio Quadros, Brazilian politician (born in 1917)
February 16th, 1992 (February 16 1992)DeathHerman Wold, Swedish statistician (born in 1908
February 16th, 1991 (February 16 1991)BirthPrincess Alexandra of Luxembourg, Princess of Luxembourg
February 16th, 1990 (February 16 1990)DeathKeith Haring, American artist (born in 1958)
February 16th, 1988 (February 16 1988)BirthDenilson Pereira Neves, Brazilian footballer
February 16th, 1988 (February 16 1988)DeathJean Carignan, French Canadian fiddler (born in 1916)
February 16th, 1987 (February 16 1987)EventThe trial of John Demjanjuk, accused of being a Nazi guard dubbed "Ivan the Terrible" in Treblinka extermination camp, starts in Jerusalem.
February 16th, 1986 (February 16 1986)EventThe Soviet liner Mikhail Lermontov runs aground in the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.
February 16th, 1985 (February 16 1985)EventThe founding of Hezbollah.
February 16th, 1985 (February 16 1985)BirthZoi Dimoschaki, Greek swimmer
February 16th, 1983 (February 16 1983)EventThe Ash Wednesday bushfires in Victoria and South Australia claim the lives of 75 people in Australia s worst ever fires.
February 16th, 1982 (February 16 1982)BirthWasalu Muhammad Jaco, American rapper
February 16th, 1981 (February 16 1981)BirthJay Howard, British racing driver
February 16th, 1981 (February 16 1981)BirthJerry Owens, American baseball player
February 16th, 1981 (February 16 1981)BirthQyntel Woods, American basketball player
February 16th, 1980 (February 16 1980)BirthAgim Kaba, American actor and film producer
February 16th, 1980 (February 16 1980)BirthAshley Lelie, American football player
February 16th, 1980 (February 16 1980)DeathErich Huckel, German physicist (born in 1895)
February 16th, 1979 (February 16 1979)BirthEric Mun, Korean rapper (Shinhwa)
February 16th, 1979 (February 16 1979)BirthValentino Rossi, Italian motorcycle racer
February 16th, 1979 (February 16 1979)DeathNematollah Nassiri, executed Iran general/head of SAVAK (born in 1911)
February 16th, 1978 (February 16 1978)EventThe first computer bulletin board system is created (CBBS in Chicago, Illinois).
February 16th, 1978 (February 16 1978)BirthTia Hellebaut, Belgian athlete
February 16th, 1978 (February 16 1978)BirthJohn Tartaglia, Broadway actor and Muppeteer
February 16th, 1978 (February 16 1978)DeathE. Roland Harriman, American financier (born in 1895)
February 16th, 1977 (February 16 1977)BirthIan Clarke, Irish computer programmer
February 16th, 1977 (February 16 1977)BirthAhman Green, American football player
February 16th, 1977 (February 16 1977)DeathCarlos Pellicer, Mexican poet (born in 1897)
February 16th, 1976 (February 16 1976)BirthEric Byrnes, American baseball player
February 16th, 1976 (February 16 1976)BirthKyo, Japanese singer (Dir en grey)
February 16th, 1976 (February 16 1976)BirthJoe Odagiri, Japanese actor
February 16th, 1975 (February 16 1975)BirthNanase Aikawa, Japanese singer
February 16th, 1975 (February 16 1975)BirthVanina Ickx, Belgian racing driver
February 16th, 1975 (February 16 1975)BirthDon Jeffcoat, American actor
February 16th, 1975 (February 16 1975)DeathMorgan Taylor, American athlete (born in 1903)
February 16th, 1975 (February 16 1975)DeathNorman Treigle, American bass-baritone (born in 1927)
February 16th, 1974 (February 16 1974)BirthFanis Katergiannakis, Greek footballer
February 16th, 1974 (February 16 1974)BirthJohnny Tri Nguyen, Vietnamese American stuntman and martial arts actor Martial Quotes
February 16th, 1974 (February 16 1974)DeathJohn Garand, Canadian rifle engineer and manufacturer (born in 1888)
February 16th, 1973 (February 16 1973)BirthChristian Bassedas, Argentine former footballer
February 16th, 1973 (February 16 1973)BirthCathy Freeman, Australian athlete
February 16th, 1973 (February 16 1973)BirthNikos Kostakis, Greek footballer
February 16th, 1972 (February 16 1972)BirthJerome Bettis, American football player.
February 16th, 1972 (February 16 1972)BirthSarah Clarke, American actress
February 16th, 1971 (February 16 1971)BirthAmanda Holden, British actress
February 16th, 1970 (February 16 1970)BirthD.J. Wallis, American fitness competitor
February 16th, 1970 (February 16 1970)BirthSerdar Ortac, Turkish popstar
February 16th, 1970 (February 16 1970)BirthAngelo Peruzzi, Italian footballer
February 16th, 1969 (February 16 1969)BirthDavid Heath, American professional wrestler better known as Gangrel
February 16th, 1968 (February 16 1968)EventIn Haleyville, Alabama, the first 9-1-1 emergency telephone system goes into service.
February 16th, 1968 (February 16 1968)BirthWarren Ellis, British comic book writer
February 16th, 1967 (February 16 1967)BirthJohn Valentin, baseball player
February 16th, 1967 (February 16 1967)BirthKeith Gretzky, former hockey player; brother of Wayne Gretzky
February 16th, 1967 (February 16 1967)DeathAntonio Moreno, Spanish-born actor (born in 1887)
February 16th, 1967 (February 16 1967)DeathSmiley Burnette, American actor, singer and songwriter (born in 1911)
February 16th, 1964 (February 16 1964)BirthBebeto, Brazilian footballer
February 16th, 1964 (February 16 1964)BirthChristopher Eccleston, English actor
February 16th, 1963 (February 16 1963)BirthDave Lombardo, Cuban drummer (Slayer)
February 16th, 1963 (February 16 1963)BirthDano Halsall, Swiss swimmer
February 16th, 1962 (February 16 1962)BirthJohn Balance, English musician (Coil, Psychic TV) (died in 2004)
February 16th, 1961 (February 16 1961)EventExplorer program: Explorer 9 (S-56a) is launched.
February 16th, 1961 (February 16 1961)BirthAndy Taylor, English rock guitarist (Duran Duran)
February 16th, 1960 (February 16 1960)BirthPete Willis, English guitarist (Def Leppard)
February 16th, 1960 (February 16 1960)BirthCherie Chung, Hong Kong actress
February 16th, 1959 (February 16 1959)EventFidel Castro becomes Premier of Cuba after dictator Fulgencio Batista was overthrown on January 1.Fidel Castro Quotes
February 16th, 1959 (February 16 1959)BirthJohn McEnroe, American tennis player
February 16th, 1959 (February 16 1959)BirthKelly Tripucka, American basketball player
February 16th, 1958 (February 16 1958)BirthIce-T, American rapper, songwriter, and actor
February 16th, 1958 (February 16 1958)BirthLisa Loring, American actress
February 16th, 1958 (February 16 1958)BirthOscar Schmidt, Brazilian basketball player
February 16th, 1958 (February 16 1958)BirthMichael W. Burns, American politician
February 16th, 1957 (February 16 1957)EventThe "Toddlers Truce", a controversial television closedown between 6.00pm and 7.00pm was abolished in the United Kingdom.
February 16th, 1957 (February 16 1957)BirthLeVar Burton, American actor
February 16th, 1956 (February 16 1956)BirthJames Ingram, American singer
February 16th, 1955 (February 16 1955)BirthHunt Block, American actor
February 16th, 1954 (February 16 1954)BirthMichael Holding, West Indian fast bowler cricket
February 16th, 1954 (February 16 1954)BirthIain Banks, Scottish authorIain Banks Quotes
February 16th, 1954 (February 16 1954)BirthMargaux Hemingway, American actress and model (died in 1996)
February 16th, 1953 (February 16 1953)BirthGeorge Martin, American footballer
February 16th, 1953 (February 16 1953)BirthLanny McDonald, Canadian ice hockey player
February 16th, 1953 (February 16 1953)BirthRoberta Williams, computer game designer
February 16th, 1952 (February 16 1952)BirthBarry Foote, Major League Baseball player
February 16th, 1951 (February 16 1951)BirthWilliam Katt, American actor
February 16th, 1950 (February 16 1950)BirthPeter Hain, British politicianPeter Hain Quotes
February 16th, 1950 (February 16 1950)BirthKazuki Tomokawa, Japanese acid-folk singer
February 16th, 1950 (February 16 1950)BirthRoman Tam, Hong Kong famous singer (died in 2002)
February 16th, 1948 (February 16 1948)BirthEckhart Tolle, Author and spiritual teacher
February 16th, 1947 (February 16 1947)EventCanadians granted Canadian citizenship after 80 years of being British subjects. Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King becomes the first Canadian citizen.William Lyon Mackenzie King Quotes
February 16th, 1946 (February 16 1946)BirthIan Lavender, English actor
February 16th, 1945 (February 16 1945)EventWorld War II: American forces land on Corregidor island in the Philippines.
February 16th, 1945 (February 16 1945)BirthJeremy Bulloch, English actor
February 16th, 1945 (February 16 1945)BirthFrank Welker, American voice actor
February 16th, 1944 (February 16 1944)BirthRichard Ford, American novelist
February 16th, 1943 (February 16 1943)EventWorld War II: The USSR reconquers Kharkov.
February 16th, 1943 (February 16 1943)BirthBrig Owens, American football player
February 16th, 1942 (February 16 1942)BirthKim Jong-il, North Korean leader
February 16th, 1940 (February 16 1940)EventWorld War II: Altmark Incident: The German tanker Altmark is boarded by sailors from the British destroyer HMS Cossack. 299 British prisoners are freed.
February 16th, 1939 (February 16 1939)BirthCzeslaw Niemen, Polish singer-songwriter and composer (died in 2004)
February 16th, 1939 (February 16 1939)BirthAdolfo Azcuna, Filipino Supreme Court jurist
February 16th, 1938 (February 16 1938)BirthJohn Corigliano, American composer
February 16th, 1938 (February 16 1938)BirthBarry Primus, American actor
February 16th, 1937 (February 16 1937)EventWallace H. Carothers receives a patent for nylon.
February 16th, 1937 (February 16 1937)BirthYuri Manin, Russian mathematician
February 16th, 1936 (February 16 1936)EventElections bring the Popular Front to power in Spain.
February 16th, 1936 (February 16 1936)BirthJill Kinmont, American skier
February 16th, 1935 (February 16 1935)BirthSonny Bono, American entertainer & U.S. Congressman (died in 1998) Bono Quotes
February 16th, 1934 (February 16 1934)EventAustrian Civil War ends with the defeat of the Social Democrats and the Republican Schutzbund.
February 16th, 1934 (February 16 1934)EventCommission of Government is sworn in as form of direct rule for the Dominion of Newfoundland.
February 16th, 1934 (February 16 1934)BirthHerbie & Harold Kalin, American singers (died in 2005-Harold / 2006-Herbie)
February 16th, 1934 (February 16 1934)BirthMarlene Hagge, American professional golfer
February 16th, 1932 (February 16 1932)BirthGretchen Wyler, American actress and dancer (died in 2007)
February 16th, 1932 (February 16 1932)BirthOtis Blackwell, American songwriter and singer (died in 2002)
February 16th, 1932 (February 16 1932)BirthHarry Goz, American actor (died in 2003)
February 16th, 1932 (February 16 1932)BirthAhmad Tejan Kabbah, President of Sierra Leone
February 16th, 1932 (February 16 1932)DeathFerdinand Buisson, French pacifist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1841)
February 16th, 1931 (February 16 1931)BirthGeorge E. Sangmeister, American politician (died in 2007)
February 16th, 1931 (February 16 1931)BirthKen Takakura, Japanese actor
February 16th, 1929 (February 16 1929)BirthGerhard Hanappi, Austrian footballer (died in 1980)
February 16th, 1928 (February 16 1928)DeathEddie Foy, American singer and dancer (born in 1856)
February 16th, 1927 (February 16 1927)BirthJune Brown, British actress
February 16th, 1926 (February 16 1926)BirthJohn Schlesinger, English film director (died in 2003)
February 16th, 1925 (February 16 1925)BirthCarlos Paredes, Portuguese guitar master (died in 2004)
February 16th, 1923 (February 16 1923)EventHoward Carter unseals the burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.Howard Carter Quotes
February 16th, 1922 (February 16 1922)BirthHeinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer, German night fighter pilot (died in 1950)
February 16th, 1921 (February 16 1921)BirthJean Behra, French Formula One driver (died in 1959)
February 16th, 1921 (February 16 1921)BirthAraucaria, British crossword compiler
February 16th, 1921 (February 16 1921)BirthVera-Ellen, American actress (died in 1981)
February 16th, 1920 (February 16 1920)BirthAnna Mae Hays, American army general
February 16th, 1919 (February 16 1919)DeathVera Kholodnaya, Russian film star (born in 1893)
February 16th, 1918 (February 16 1918)EventThe Council of Lithuania unanimously adopts the Act of Independence, declaring Lithuania an independent state.
February 16th, 1918 (February 16 1918)BirthPatty Andrews, American singer
February 16th, 1917 (February 16 1917)DeathOctave Mirbeau, French writer (born in 1848)
February 16th, 1916 (February 16 1916)BirthBill Doggett, American jazz and rhythm and blues pianist and organist (died in 1996)
February 16th, 1915 (February 16 1915)BirthJim O Hora, American college football coach (died in 2005)
February 16th, 1915 (February 16 1915)BirthElisabeth Eybers, South African poet (died in 2007)
February 16th, 1915 (February 16 1915)BirthMichael Relph, British film producer and director (died in 2004)
February 16th, 1912 (February 16 1912)DeathSt. Nikolai of Japan, Eastern Orthodox priest (born in 1836)
February 16th, 1909 (February 16 1909)BirthHugh Beaumont, American actor (died in 1982)
February 16th, 1909 (February 16 1909)BirthJeffrey Lynn, American actor (died in 1995)
February 16th, 1909 (February 16 1909)BirthRichard McDonald, American fast food pioneer (died in 1998)
February 16th, 1907 (February 16 1907)DeathGiosue Carducci, Italian writer, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1835)
February 16th, 1906 (February 16 1906)BirthVera Menchik, British-Czech chess player, the first Women s World Champion in chess (died in 1944)
February 16th, 1904 (February 16 1904)BirthGeorge F. Kennan, American historian, diplomat and political policy-maker (died in 2005)George F. Kennan Quotes
February 16th, 1903 (February 16 1903)BirthEdgar Bergen, American ventriloquist (died in 1978)
February 16th, 1903 (February 16 1903)BirthGeorge-Henri Levesque, Quebec priest and sociologist (died in 2000)
February 16th, 1901 (February 16 1901)BirthVincent Coleman, American actor (died in 1971)
February 16th, 1901 (February 16 1901)BirthWayne King, American musician and orchestra leader (died in 1985)
February 16th, 1901 (February 16 1901)BirthChester Morris, American film actor (died in 1970)
February 16th, 1899 (February 16 1899)EventPresident Felix Faure of France dies in office.
February 16th, 1899 (February 16 1899)EventKnattspyrnufelag Reykjavikur Iceland s first football club is founded.
February 16th, 1899 (February 16 1899)DeathFelix Faure, President of France (born in 1841)
February 16th, 1898 (February 16 1898)BirthKatharine Cornell, American actress (died in 1974)
February 16th, 1898 (February 16 1898)DeathThomas Bracken, New Zealand poet (born in 1843)Thomas Bracken Quotes
February 16th, 1891 (February 16 1891)BirthHans F. K. Gunther, German eugenicist (died in 1967)
February 16th, 1887 (February 16 1887)BirthKathleen Clifford, American actress (died in 1962)
February 16th, 1886 (February 16 1886)BirthVan Wyck Brooks, American historian and critic (died in 1963)
February 16th, 1884 (February 16 1884)BirthRobert J. Flaherty, American filmmaker (died in 1951)
February 16th, 1883 (February 16 1883)BirthElizabeth Craig, British writer (died in 1980)
February 16th, 1880 (February 16 1880)BirthFrank Burke, American baseball player (died in 1946)
February 16th, 1878 (February 16 1878)BirthPamela Colman Smith, artist, writer, designer of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck of tarot cards (died in 1951)
February 16th, 1876 (February 16 1876)BirthGeorge Macaulay Trevelyan, English historian (died in 1962)
February 16th, 1874 (February 16 1874)BirthMarie Gutheil-Schoder, German soprano (died in 1935)
February 16th, 1868 (February 16 1868)EventIn New York City the Jolly Corks organization is renamed the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE).
February 16th, 1866 (February 16 1866)EventSpencer Compton Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington becomes the British Secretary of State for War.
February 16th, 1866 (February 16 1866)BirthBilly Hamilton (baseball player), MLB Hall of Fame Outfielder (died in 1940)
February 16th, 1866 (February 16 1866)BirthVyacheslav Ivanov, Russian poet (died in 1949)
February 16th, 1862 (February 16 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: General Ulysses S. Grant captures Fort Donelson, Tennessee.Ulysses S. Grant Quotes
February 16th, 1859 (February 16 1859)EventThe French Government passes a law to set the A-note above middle C to a frequency of 435 Hz, in an attempt to standardize the pitch.
February 16th, 1856 (February 16 1856)BirthRudolph Karstadt, German entrepreneur (died in 1944)
February 16th, 1856 (February 16 1856)BirthWillem Kes, Dutch conductor (died in 1934)
February 16th, 1852 (February 16 1852)EventStudebaker Brothers wagon company, precursor of the automobile manufacturer, is established.
February 16th, 1848 (February 16 1848)BirthHugo de Vries, Dutch botanist (died in 1935)
February 16th, 1847 (February 16 1847)BirthPhilipp Scharwenka, Polish-German composer (died in 1917)
February 16th, 1844 (February 16 1844)DeathJoseph Crosfield, English soap and alkali manufacturer (born in 1792)
February 16th, 1838 (February 16 1838)EventWeenen Massacre: Hundreds of Voortrekkers along the Blaukraans River, Natal are killed by Zulus.
February 16th, 1838 (February 16 1838)BirthHenry Adams, American historian and novelist (died in 1918)Henry Adams Quotes
February 16th, 1834 (February 16 1834)BirthErnst Haeckel, German zoologist and philosopher (died in 1919) Philo Quotes
February 16th, 1831 (February 16 1831)BirthNikolai Leskov, Russian writer (died in 1895)
February 16th, 1826 (February 16 1826)BirthJulia Grant, First Lady of the United States (died in 1902)
February 16th, 1826 (February 16 1826)BirthJoseph Victor von Scheffel, German poet (died in 1886)
February 16th, 1824 (February 16 1824)BirthPeter Kozler, Slovenian cartographer and geographer (died in 1879)
February 16th, 1822 (February 16 1822)BirthSir Francis Galton, English explorer and biologist (died in 1911)
February 16th, 1821 (February 16 1821)BirthHeinrich Barth, German explorer (died in 1865)
February 16th, 1812 (February 16 1812)BirthHenry Wilson, 18th Vice President of US (died in 1875)
February 16th, 1804 (February 16 1804)EventFirst Barbary War: Stephen Decatur leads a raid to burn the pirate-held frigate USS Philadelphia.
February 16th, 1804 (February 16 1804)BirthKarl Theodor Ernst von Siebold, German physiologist (died in 1885)
February 16th, 1802 (February 16 1802)BirthPhineas Parkhurst Quimby, American philosopher (died in 1866) Philo Quotes
February 16th, 1786 (February 16 1786)BirthGrand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia (died in 1859)
February 16th, 1761 (February 16 1761)BirthCharles Pichegru, French general (died in 1804)
February 16th, 1754 (February 16 1754)DeathRichard Mead, English physician (born in 1673)
February 16th, 1742 (February 16 1742)EventSpencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington, becomes British Prime Minister.
February 16th, 1740 (February 16 1740)BirthGiambattista Bodoni, Italian publisher and engraver (died in 1813)
February 16th, 1727 (February 16 1727)BirthNikolaus Joseph von Jacquin, Austrian scientist (died in 1817)
February 16th, 1721 (February 16 1721)DeathJames Craggs the Younger, English politician (born in 1686)
February 16th, 1710 (February 16 1710)DeathEsprit Flechier, French writer and Bishop of Nimes (born in 1632)
February 16th, 1698 (February 16 1698)BirthPierre Bouguer, French mathematician (died in 1758)
February 16th, 1646 (February 16 1646)EventBattle of Great Torrington, Devonthe last major battle of the first English Civil War. Devo Quotes
February 16th, 1643 (February 16 1643)BirthJohn Sharp, English Archbishop of York (died in 1714)
February 16th, 1620 (February 16 1620)BirthFriedrich Wilhelm I of Brandenburg, Duke of Prussia (died in 1688)
February 16th, 1560 (February 16 1560)DeathJean du Bellay, French Catholic cardinal and diplomat
February 16th, 1543 (February 16 1543)BirthKano Eitoku, Japanese painter (died in 1590)
February 16th, 1531 (February 16 1531)DeathJohannes Stoffler, German mathematician and astronomer (born in 1452)
February 16th, 1519 (February 16 1519)BirthGaspard de Coligny, French Huguenot leader (died in 1572)
February 16th, 1497 (February 16 1497)BirthPhilipp Melanchthon, German humanist and reformer (died in 1560)
February 16th, 1391 (February 16 1391)DeathJohn V Palaeologus, Byzantine Emperor (born in 1332)
February 16th, 1279 (February 16 1279)DeathKing Afonso III of Portugal (born in 1210)
February 16th, 1249 (February 16 1249)EventAndrew of Longjumeau is dispatched by Louis IX of France as his ambassador to meet with the Khan of the Mongols. Louis IX of France Quotes
February 16th, 1247 (February 16 1247)DeathHeinrich Raspe, Landgrave of Thuringia (born in 1204)
February 16th, 1222 (February 16 1222)BirthNichiren Daishonin, Japanese founder of Nichiren Buddhism (died in 1282)
February 16th, 1032 (February 16 1032)BirthEmperor Yingzong of China (died in 1067)

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